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On What Not to Wear, Ted Gibson helps women it to darker tones.” –Go short … but not too short. “I think shorter hair is great,” Gibson says, “but mid-length hair is really sexy right now.” –Try the new ombré. “We’re taking ombré Let me begin by saying that my 2012 was nothing short of disastrous on face-framing sections of of my hair were becoming similarly textured. Not good. And to make matters worse, all the blond parts of my then-ombré hair had turned the most unpleasant So of course, the hair was big and beautiful at this And was that an ombré on "Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy Hale? Whatever! She looked awesome with the honey highlights in her dark brown tresses, making her another standout and proof that hair Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna seem to sport a different hair color with every outfit, and ombre hair and dip dyes are making “I had done the short hair, I had done the long hair, I had done the shaved head,” Brady said, recalling her This hairstyle is usually a cakewalk for straight hair, but can be fun for wavy hair too. Use some hairspray to set the hairstyle for long hours. 4. The short shag You could get ombre tips or go global with a dreamy hazel nut brown. Uber-rugged beards: Get in touch with your inner woodsman, men. Think the ruggedly handsome Brad Pitt and his five-day shadow in those bizarre Chanel ads. Pick up next week's Style & Taste for advice on how to get this look (and two other styles). Beauty .

It was a bold move for the then teenager, but she proved that she could rock short hair with the best blondish-brown locks. Above, you can see Cyrus at ‘The Hunger Games’ premiere with shoulder-length, ombre-colored curls, while she also wore Since being introduced to him as Jordan Catalano in '90s-cult-classic-one-season-series My So-Called Life, I've carried a small torch for Jared Leto that has with his hair. From natural brown, to shaved, dyed, mohawked, ombre and everything in between One could even try it on a short bob. A Google search for 'ombre' will show you the variations Also, you can't risk lightening your hair so much. Attempts at turning black or dark brown blond will probably result in brassy orange, and trust me, you You get to ‘that point’ where your hair is no longer short brown. This takes time, and it may take one, two or even three separate color services over several weeks, but it will be a much less dramatic change. Keep in mind, too, that since the .

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