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Beyoncé looks great with every 'do, obviously, and even managed to look glam when her hair got sucked into a fan onstage. Fortunately, those extensions were firmly in place, because flying blond curls wouldn't be a good luck—even for Mrs. Carter! Queen Bey's fans went into frenzy when the singer chopped off her luscious locks some time ago for a bolder shorter platinum blonde pixie cut. However the recent transformation did not seem to go too well for the singer as she was seen sporting an inverted Sometimes her clients want to be Beyonce, other times Rihanna a market that is growing at an astonishing rate of 40 percent annually. Great Lengths Hair Extensions, one of the largest human hair vendors in the industry, reports 70 percent growth The singer was spotted today with a slightly different look as she added some hair extensions to the front of her cut. Beyonce has had long hair for a long time so she might be going through a little cutter’s remorse at the moment. Maybe she just needs However, the authentic pixie may not be gone for good as it appears Beyonce has just used a little help of hair extensions to achieve her current trendy tresses and could take them out at any time. Hair extensions, weaves, wigs, braids So now, every woman can walk down the street not only holding her head high, but flashing her tresses like Beyoncé, bouncing her weave and having the wind blowing through it like in the movies. .

Beyoncé is still the queen. Queen Bey is getting some positive feedback. After removing her long hair extensions, and debuting a blonde pixie cut on Wednesday, Beyoncé caused quite the stir on social media with celebrities reacting in full force. The “Bootylicious” songstress stepped out in Miami, Florida on Thursday sporting blonde hair extensions and a white tank top that said ‘Name Brand’ across the front. Beyonce was joined by her husband Jay-Z and their daughter Blue Ivy as she ate Beyonce added extensions to her haircut to change up her famous blonde locks yet again. Twitter fans shared their opinions on Beyonce's ever changing looks. "don't get why some people hate Beyonce's new hair, she could be bald for all I care, she's still a Wonder how long it took to achieve these? And where does busy Beyoncé find the time? The queen’s hair extensions aren’t exactly new, but they’re longer than ever — “butt length,” as US Weekly put it. We’ve seen something similar on her .

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