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The season is abuzz with funky hairstyles! From air-dried short hair, braids and tousled Rapunzel-like long hair, there is plenty of room for experimentation. Salon India connected with several across the spectrum to come up with hairstyles, hair colour This cut works best on straight and wavy hair. This funky hairstyle has been seen on January Jones and Emma Roberts. This hairstyle is another super short one that typically grazes the jawline. This style works best with straight hair because if you have Ford also dressed Jennifer Hudson in a stunning bright white strapless dress that fell just below the knee, her sassy short hair a perfect complement. So was her Marli diamond choker. Lady Gaga went gray-for-gray with date Tony Bennett. On their heads Do you have a Funky Short Hair cut? Do you rock your hair like Rihanna ? like Ciara? Or Halle Berry ? If that is you! We would love to have you on our new daytime talk show. You must be logged in to view the full casting call and apply. Please login using The lifestyle guru Instagrammed a photo on October 27 of a pair of scissors poised to cut her hair, with the caption: ‘@kristin_ess stole a couple more inches this morning’ Kristin shared an image of Lauren in funky to go short again, but Here's how she keeps the look sexy. "I'm at that age where short hair could age you instead of making you look fresh and young. If you're 40 and up, it's about playing it funky, not safe. Play up the color, try a little skater or punk style. It has to have .

One great sexy hair cut is the pixie hair do so easy to manage .This very unkempt look is in.. Right now the most trending style is the wet-look on long and short hair. Push back your long locks gives a dramatic yet sexy look in minutes. The tousle knot And she wasn't the only one with short hair! Jane Fonda, a Cannes red carpet regular Next, there was Chinese singer Li Yuchun, who is well-known for her funky, boyish style. Tais Araujo, a Brazilian soap opera star also wore a haircut so striking Like many women in New York exactly how she likes it. “My hair is very short,” Ms. Amour said. “Shorter than the hair of the man I’m seeing right now.” Some of her male friends in the city went to Fellow Barber and had cool haircuts, she Are you considering cutting your hair short? Summer is the best time to take the plunge By using the right products, you can change your hairstyle from conservative to funky to "messy" without missing a beat. .

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