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because she's gone and chopped all her hair off and she's like a new bloody woman. Ah yes, Kimmy K has officially jumped on the lob (that's a long bob, duh) train and decided to share this news the only way she knows how - through the medium of a sexy Girls who do not have long hair can be sexy for many reasons. Not only is the look attractive, but it can be practical. A girl with short hair doesn't take as much time to get ready. She also won't clog the drain with her locks. Short Haired Cuties All this comes with a price though, for in our hot, humid climate have been winners in the past who had short-cropped hair. That being said, the general formula for Miss Universe is usually long tresses for women with Barbie doll looks. You guys, Kim Kardashian was spotted out in L.A. earlier today with SUPER-short hair. Like, barely grazing-her-shoulders short. I almost don't believe it But it's true! We all know she loves wearing her extensions from time to time, but she must have Imaginations across the country were sent into a frenzy after the 50 Shades of Grey series by E.L. James left a lasting imprint of its fans - the Wellington Women’s Institute included controversial prose. Things hot up as soon as Clive announces And, of course, you can tell if they are a man or a woman. But, how do we do these things? How do we know if we are seeing a man or a woman? If a woman shaves her head we don’t mistake her for a man, and if a man has long hair and is wearing lipstick .

The 33-year-old hot mama shed her clothing in a new lingerie ad for her allowing her to show off her natural curves we all know and love. 2. Short Hair, Don't Care. The Princess of Pop also let go of the extensions for this ad, opting to show off “It’s an honor to be the first Victoria’s Secret girl with short hair.” she says. “There are girls out there with every body type and there are girls out there with every hair type. You can be sexy with short hair!” And Kloss is the living proo Some women want to wash the men (or jobs They like it when long hair tents over their faces during soulful kisses. The long of it is that long hair is sexy. (So is short hair, of course, but in a different way, and we’re not making that case SERIOUSLY! No one gives a fuck if a short haircut make your boner unhappy. NO ONE! SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY! And for those of you who are going to pop up and say "Well I LOVE short hair! It makes my boner SUPER HAPPY!" you can shut the fuck up too. .

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