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Beyonce's hair was caught in an electronic fan she was singing in front of while she was performing. The singer - who is on her 'Mrs.Carter Show World Tour' - caused panic at a concert in Montreal, Canada, on Monday night when her blonde locks became stuck Beyoncé and her human fans seems to get along very well, but the jury is out on the type of fans that blow air. Last night in Montreal, the R&B and Pop diva’s hair got caught in a stage fan while she was performing. No worries, though. She kept singing Beyonce is such a flawless performer that it’s headline news when something less-than-flawless happens during a concert. This most recent flub is right up there with the spill she took in Orlando back in 2007! While singing her hit “Halo” in Montreal Beyoncé’s hair was caught in a fan during a live performance at the Bell Centre, in Montreal. Amazingly, she didn’t miss a beat. As her bodyguard worked to remove her hair from the fan, Beyoncé continued to sing as if nothing was wrong. The Montreal Beyonce has soldiered through a concert in Montreal after her hair got tangled in the blades of a fan. The pop star was performing Halo from an audience pit when the incident happened. She continued to sing her encore while security guards tried to extract It appears that Beyonce whipped her hair back and forth a little too vigorously during a Monday, July 22 concert in Montreal -- getting her famous hair caught in a huge fan while singing "Halo." But, Beyonce being Beyonce, the superstar continued belting .

Thankfully, another fan in the audience put the video on YouTube for the world to see. You can check it out below. Beyoncé had another snafu during her show in Montreal on Monday. While performing her hit song "Halo," the singer's hair got caught in the Beyonce didn’t miss a beat when her hair got stuck at a concert in Montreal. The Houston native kept belting out the song “Halo” as she and a couple of stage hands attempted to pry her strands from the machine’s whirling embrace. On Instagram Singer Beyonce got her hair caught in an electrical stage fan during a concert in Montreal last night. The singer continued to belt out her song Halo while stage and concert staff tried to free her. Several of the singer's fans caught video of the incident At a concert in Montreal on Monday, July 22, Beyoncé got her hair stuck in a large electronic fan. The singer was performing her hit song Halo near the stage, close to her fans, when her hair became entangled in the fan. As her bodygurads were trying to .

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