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The hotter it gets, the more women you see with new shorter hairstyles (or faux styles that keep their long tresses off their necks). We, too, have noticed the short natural hair cut trend on Instagram, and thought it would be fun to share four of our If I wanted to catch a cute guy's attention, I'd flip it over while walking I told myself, "No guy will like you with short hair," and "You'll lose your identity without it." What I didn't realize was my hair was weighing me down -- both literally "I cut my hair short today," Kim simply captioned the picture with fans commenting about how cute the toddler is. Do you prefer Kim's hair longer or shorter? Leave your comments below Unfortunately, pets can't "take off" their fur, but you can help them stay cool with a cute summer cut. Contrary to popular belief, dogs don't need drastic haircuts to stay cool in the summer sun. A dog's fur -- no matter if it's long or short-haired -- is But there are some really great styles out there, so we went looking for the cutest short curly hair updos we could find. Check out these 6, and if you have favorites of your own, let us know in the comments. 1. Cute Updo For Short, Curly Hair by Aleigha It's a very special Reader Appreciation Day here at GITBD--time to give a big ol' shout-out to all our readers who have short hair! Last week, we checked out all the curly girls who read our blog. Now, here are 26 readers modeling their short haircuts. .

We get you 10 of the hottest men across Bollywood as well as Hollywood, who are “short” according to social definitions Blue eyes, dull brown-gold hair, poise of an ethereal being and a voice that makes countries pause in their talks. Super-short hairstyles are suddenly everywhere — and there’s a version to flatter everyone. Check out these celebs, who prove just how versatile and gorgeous a crop can be. Then follow the easy DIYs to style the looks to perfection at home. Think of it Taylor Swift should never ever ever ever change her hair (like, ever), because that bob is adorable! The 24-year-old singer stepped out Thursday in L.A. with her stylish short new 'do on display. Almost as cute as Tay's tresses? Her ballet chic black and Lauren recently spoke to People about her cute new bob hairstyle: “It’s a little more maintenance was going to look exactly the way it did the last time if I cut it short, but I think I had a very specific cut that just was unflattering to .

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