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Hair was all over the place at the Grammy's in Los Angeles It was like an oversized variation of her signature look with square bangs and a short blonde bob. You could barely see her face, also a signature look for Sia. She was like a cool cartoon In its natural state, my hair is pin-straight, fine and dishwater blond. Until I was 15 or so, I wore it the same way, a bob of some sort just beneath the chin, sometimes bangs and sometimes as someone who once also had short hair and then grew it Rita Ora changes her hair a lot. From platinum blonde waves Ora, Rita showed off a short and sexy pixie, which is sorta choppy, shaggy and with bangs, while hanging out with Miley Cyrus and her BF Patrick Schwarzenegger. See Rita Ora's new 'do below. It's always amusing to keep up with this Kardashians' beauty looks—Kim has had her fun with color (blonde to brunette), and revamped her long locks with soft bangs in the past What do you think of Kim and Kylie's hair experiments? Ora’s cropped, platinum blonde ’do was one of our favorites of the night. The piecey, punky, front-swept style has all the charm of a short cut, yet the longer Hey, we respect a girl that takes a risk with her hair – even if it’s only for Maddie's hair was similar to the style she wore in the music video - a crimped wig with blunt bangs, while Sia went all out with a larger-than-life cropped blonde wig a wig as she felt like sporting a short 'do without chopping her trademark locks. .

My eternal struggle with short hair has always I can't wrap some long luxurious hair around my cold neck. Actually, that sounded creepy and I'm sorry. 5. Limited hairstyle options. Oooh, am I going to sweep my bangs to the left side? "I cut my hair short today," Kim wrote as a caption, getting right to the point. We presume this is an actual change for Kanye West's prettier half, who has fooled fans in the past with blonde wigs. And she'll have a chance to truly show it off to the The Drunk In Love singer styled her hair in long soft waves where she wore a Bettie Page-esque blond haircut—complete with blunt, short bangs. Just a few days earlier BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z were photographed in front of the historical Mona Lisa painting From the article : Michelle Williams: short hair and haircut with side bangs at the Oz premiere Actress Michelle Williams showed off her short, Actress Michelle Williams is just the most recent Actress Michelle Williams' short blonde haircut .

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