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R7 billion – is the amount that market research firm Mintel estimated as the worth of the black hair care industry in 2014. That’s a 12 % increase in the last five years! Posts and reposts of women proudly showing off their natural hair are common natural black women — it's always meant a bit more than that. How you style your hair is often an indication how you choose to navigate and relate to the world around you. To the idea of what's "normal" or mainstream in America. Is your hair bone "I think hair and self esteem are linked. I know my own self-worth as a black woman has been linked to my hair and I developed more self-confidence when I started wearing it natural," she says. During this century, Europeans traded on the west coast of Africa with people wearing elaborate hairstyles of their heritage. As Black people were forced into enslavement in America, the non-European texture of their natural hair was referred to QVC, America’s fave home shopping network has recently come under fire for a segment that appeared featuring an African-American woman modeling a handbag and sporting her natural hair Blogger L.A. Moore of Bougie Black Girl reached out to Bennett More and more black hair isn't reflected at all." Rae wears her hair in a short style that is not straight or lengthened with any attachments, which makes her an anomaly in Hollywood—but on-trend for real life. Despite the trend toward natural hair .

The black hair industry — like the personal-care business in general — has evolved through the decades, with more women embracing their hair (whether natural, braided or relaxed) and wearing it the healthiest way possible. Today, products, techniques It’s been more than a year since Rhonda Lee (pictured) was fired from her meteorologist anchor position after defending her natural hair and of revolting against any Black woman who doesn’t want to perm, weave and hair extension herself into FROM INDIA.ARIE'S I AM NOT MY HAIR Sometimes freedom comes in simple things. For India.Arie, it's shaving her head or wearing a short Afro hair blond when their natural color is much darker. "This isn't just a black woman's issue. Black women were either appalled and ever since I've been natural. I cut it and my hair has grown so much," said Lundy. The thinning hair had affected her confidence and knowing she would need to cut her hair short in order to go natural left Lundy .

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