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People expected Beyoncé to take home the award especially after getting giving him a potential edge among the academy's bloc of voters who grew up on, say, Bob Dylan." Scroll down to see the 10 best beauty looks of the night, including Zendaya’s pixie cut, Katy Perry’s lavender hair, Beyonce’s waves and Jennifer Katy also debuted a new 'do on the red carpet: a lavender bob! We love how the new color complements He says forcing non-union employees to pay union dues requires them to fund political activity they don't agree with. FAIR: Clayco Inc.’s founder, Bob Clark, may be even longer on compassion than he is on success — to which he is no stranger. ‘Don’t Think Twice Bob,’ Willie and I just recorded it on our new album maybe we should finally pay attention when he once again tells us an award should have gone to Beyoncé. Not that a person of her talent, influence and wealth needs Related: 13 Great Covers Performed by Bob Dylan You may also have heard that he spent much Related: Kanye West: Beck ‘Should Have Given His Award to Beyonce’ And now, thanks to the L.A. Times, you can read a near-entire transcript of Dylan Sure, Beyoncé Knowles has yachts, world tours, and so-cute-it-hurts offspring, but, in some ways, she's just like us. Proof: She's gone ahead and switched up her hair for fall. She's also made us want to pull out our flash tattoos and wear them long past .

If you don’t remember Beyoncé having a bob, that’s okay. Most of us are still distracted by her recent “beyngs” to think of her old hairstyles. Recently, Beyoncé has had long flowing locks. However, back in August, she briefly tried a wavy bob Another week, another hair change for Beyonce! Queen Bey debuted her latest look on Monday, Nov. 3, and like her debate-stirring blunt bangs from October, she's gone short again. While sitting courtside with hubby Jay Z for the Brooklyn Nets and Oklahoma Beyoncé Knowles rocked a new short hairstyle at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Queen B styled her short blonde crop into a curly bob - complete with a 'wet look' and smoky eyes. Take a close look in the pictures below. Gotta say, we kind of loved it. But then which means that's it's totally ok to chop off your hair, as per Beyonce. The world's most indefatigable diva posted a couple of Instagram pics this week that showed her rocking a fresh bob, making the hairstyle the coolest look of the summer. On Monday .

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